Welcome to inThrall

Don’t just impress your guests; inThrall them!

inThrall is an enabling technology that allows immersive environments to be made more accessible for all guests.

The technology is a platform and middleware to connect a wide range of enabling devices like Augmented Reality glasses and audio players to Show Control networks safely and securely.

About Us

An Industry Leader

inThrall was created by the team at Birket Engineering and is a product of the dynamic Themed Entertainment industry. Partners across the industry have collaborated in making this platform a viable path to enabling accessibility for all.

Our Technology

In its current version, inThrall enables Closed Captioning of the entire attraction or park (including queue line), including any announcements and safety spiels; Audio Description of the visual aspects of an entire attraction or park (including queue lines), in any language; and Language Translation of all dialog elements into the guest’s native language. ​We current deploy our Augmented Reality captions on Epson hardware, along with other Android devices.